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TIL: Learning Together

TIL is a weekly learning event that I like to run with my teams. Every friday for 30-45 minutes we share 5 minute presentations on something we learned that week. There are only 3 rules.

  • 5 minutes to present
  • 5 minutes to prepare
  • Q&A throughout

I like to say that learning is the best part of the job. (It is for me!) And chances are if you learned something someone else on your team would want to learn that too. So this low stakes easy going way …

A Product Team Righting Themselves

My Product Manager Skylar asked me today to recap how our product team righted themselves after a year of hardship and they’ve been so good for so long I had forgotten where we came from. It feels really good when things work without friction.

It was a few things we put into practice.

  • focus
  • shared goals
  • communication
  • growth mindset

We stripped back our commitments, which was pretty easy because we weren’t delivering well and we had reasonable s… © 2024
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