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My thougts on the kindle and techonology advancing past books

I write more for other people's blogs then I do my own.

When I think of the Kindle, I think of an awesome device (the big one is wonderful to use) with a free data connection that needs to be hacked to be useful. Hacked to remove the ability to remove books. Hacked to allow browsing of the web. Hacked to allow my own content to be freely placed on the device. The hacking negates the free data plan because the device no longer functions along Ama…

21 Dog Years is horrible

21 dog years sucked
First off I wont finish this book, none of the reviewers or the author will probably mind. The book 21 Dog Years - Doing time @ by Mike Daisey is funny, well written and mostly about Mike Daisey's love affair with the cult of I say mostly because I don't care to finish it and he's just as likely to join any other cult before the book ends. He starts off as a slacker with a degree in Aesthetics and works phones for amazon e…

Hacker Crackdown!

One of my new interests Cory Doctorow read a book (which is just as much in interest) called The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling. If you're curious why a bunch of kids playing on computers have an entire culture to work with then you should probably read this book. If you're curious about why in the beginning of the movie Hackers an entire SWAT team was allowed to storm a house (and presumably took every computer, electronic device, and piece …

Sweet Jeepers.

2pm to 7pm (GMT - with then an hour on the tube and the bus)
Edinburgh to London

1pm to 4:15 pm (GMT and EST respectivly)
London to Toronto

6:15 PM to 8:00 pm (EST)
Toronto to NYC

It's a lot of traveling but I'm going home!

PS. My first reaction to the Mac Mini was "It's a deck!". It's about the size of a mousepad, 2 inches high. I'm in the middle of reading "Count Zero" by William Gibson. In most of his books computers are just "de…


I'm going to advertise a new webcomic I've found (well new for me) named Queen of Wands with one word.


I love how you can find one comic for a strip that just sets the tone for the rest.



This is my first entry in the books category. I've finally made the time to take up reading again and it's done me well.

Wyrms by Orison Scott Card is the book I finished tonight. And while many, many books deserve to be talked about and mentioned, as well as my philosophy on books, reading and stories, I'm going to just stick with this one tonight.

Oh and like my movie reviews this isn't going to be an actual review just my reaction or something… © 2024
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