July 9, 2008

21 Dog Years is horrible

21 dog years sucked
First off I wont finish this book, none of the reviewers or the author will probably mind. The book 21 Dog Years - Doing time @ amazon.com by Mike Daisey is funny, well written and mostly about Mike Daisey's love affair with the cult of amazon.com. I say mostly because I don't care to finish it and he's just as likely to join any other cult before the book ends. He starts off as a slacker with a degree in Aesthetics and works phones for amazon eventually. Somewhere in the middle he drinks the flavor-aid and as a trainee wants to make love to Jeff Bezos. Who in his defense is an attractive man.

I read about half the book, I'm just not going to share all of it with you. I'm also sure it shows more about how amazon internal politics and culture works. Everything I've read and seen about any of the big west coast tech companies makes me glad I live on the east coast. All that morning sun over the oceans turns them wacky.

The author is like Chuck Palahniuk of fight club fame. Choke, and Survivor are also good. I haven't gotten around to Invisible monsters yet because if I read too much of his writing I want to kill myself and I'd probably enjoy it or think it was funny. He's dark and ironic and funny. Mike Daisey is ironic and a little funny and tries to write with the same style. He failed it.

Mike Daisey, I didn't finish your book so I don't know if your girlfriend broke up with you over all the devotion you showed to amazon, or maybe how you left. I hope some where in there she did leave you. I don't like you, and I don't think you're very funny. I'm also happy you seem like the kind of guy who doesn't care.


PS This is probably one of my meanest book reviews ever, but I don't like the book. Also the fact the FISA Amendment Act passed hasn't quite hit me yet. Watch out America.

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