January 11, 2005

Sweet Jeepers.

2pm to 7pm (GMT - with then an hour on the tube and the bus)
Edinburgh to London

1pm to 4:15 pm (GMT and EST respectivly)
London to Toronto

6:15 PM to 8:00 pm (EST)
Toronto to NYC

It's a lot of traveling but I'm going home!

PS. My first reaction to the Mac Mini was "It's a deck!". It's about the size of a mousepad, 2 inches high. I'm in the middle of reading "Count Zero" by William Gibson. In most of his books computers are just "decks" and are interfaces to the "Matrix" (net) and you use basicly a keyboard and a nuro link (for vision mostly but it is possible to have it be the input to your nero system so you no get all your senses from the computer... go read the books), so if you got a dvi jack in the base of your skull and strapped a keyboard to the top of that thing you'd have all the hardware you needed to be a cowboy.

As for the iPod Shuffle.

The caption under the "gum" picture reads, "iPod Shuffle: Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun.(2)"

(2) "Do not eat iPod shuffle."

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