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Maintaining a Twenty Year Blog

This past April Roborooter turned 21 years old. (First Post!) I started it as a fork of a friends blog and it was a place for my group of friends to post updates. Everyone eventually got their own blogs (or stopped blogging) and it was mine. The name "roborooter" comes from a joke I made with my godfather. It was 2001 and domains were too expensive for my teenage self, but he thought I should have one so he bought it. He wanted to see what I cou…

The Guy I Almost Was

I just read a short comic that caught my eye. It's a story about a guy around my age and how he manages to change his situation. Apparently it's a bit old and had dissipated for a long while. He's got a license on his site that allows me to make a backup copy. So when you click on the image below and the link is broken, you use my copy of "The Guy I Almost Was".

The Guy I Almost Was

Telescopic Shower

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Where are you on the internet?

I've got a nice compact archive for the majority of my writings. Inspired by Steve Yeggie mentioning he found posts of 16 year old him on usenet (his chat here), I decided to look into me. I don't think there is a single other place I've written more then for here. There's a distinct possiblility of instant messaging being a larger repository of my thoughts and plans, but I'm goign to argue it's a different medium. Those messages (Adium's got 844…

Story Arcs and my failed attempt.

I had a plan.

  1. Make the Hacker Crackdown Available as a torrent file. (You can just grab the full download if you like.)
  2. Educate about what comcast was doing (blocking torrents)
  3. Complain that while the torrent's flowing nicely a bunch of specific people had trouble torrenting it. Specifically the Comcast customers.(Not a complete lie, the torrent had about 250 downloads as far as I could tell and at one point 17 seeds. But if you were a comcast c…
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