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The Guy I Almost Was

I just read a short comic that caught my eye. It's a story about a guy around my age and how he manages to change his situation. Apparently it's a bit old and had dissipated for a long while. He's got a license on his site that allows me to make a backup copy. So when you click on the image below and the link is broken, you use my copy of "The Guy I Almost Was".

The Guy I Almost Was

Exercises In Style

There was this convention in New York last weekend that if I had more time (or were two people) I would have gone to, but I was just too tired. It was called the "MoCCA art festival" and from what I can gather it was amazing. Hundreds(?) on artists from most of my favorite webcomics attended. I could have met them all. On the other hand I went to the Cony Island Mermaid Parade instead and got to see Adam Savage among hundreds of other crazy inter…

Montauk 4

This time nemo gets even

I am so bad at making comics. At least this one is a little more.. together...

Montauk 2

Montauk has been rain delayed. Anyway I need to convince people it's worth the $30 dollar train ticket (round trip).


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