June 26, 2007

Exercises In Style

There was this convention in New York last weekend that if I had more time (or were two people) I would have gone to, but I was just too tired. It was called the "MoCCA art festival" and from what I can gather it was amazing. Hundreds(?) on artists from most of my favorite webcomics attended. I could have met them all. On the other hand I went to the Cony Island Mermaid Parade instead and got to see Adam Savage among hundreds of other crazy interesting people. (Not meet though, he was too busy being a king of the Parade. I'll be posting my photos later.)

R. Stevens of the illustrious Diesel Sweeties (now in papers!) pointed out Matt Madden and his Exercises in Style where he took one simple real world situation and presented it a about 10 different ways. And if I read this right he has a book coming out with a lot more. It's really neat. I like the concept.

I've got most of my comics in RSS feeds these days so I don't need a list of links to click anymore. Seriously Google Reader is amazing. (Click here for a feed of most of the comics I read daily - note that link is not how I read them daily, I use google reader, that's just a prettied up rss feed..)


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