June 2, 2009

Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability

This is a talk from "America's Greenest CEO". He's transformed his petroleum intensive carpet tile company's business practices into a sustainable business practices. That's a fancy way to say he's shifted from taking from the earth to make carpet (which eventually ends up as trash) and started paying attention to the whole cycle of his goods. So there's less waste, carbon, and materials. He tasked his company to figure out a way to use sustainable methods to sell, make and recycle carpet. The whole endeavor saved his company from the crash of 2000 and has proven to be quite profitable by design and not just on "green" marketing. (Although I'm sure it helps.)

He strives to be a model for a way to have an industry that doesn't strip the earth of its resources but keeps control of the entire cycle of it's goods and byproducts. Of course he does a much better job explaining it. My favorite axiom from the speech is a simple one.

If it exists then it is possible.

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