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Kademlia: A study

This week I'm at the Recurse Center as part of the "Mini 2 Batch". I'll be spending my time researching and implementing the Kademlia Distributed Hash Table. DHT's are a building block of decentralized systems. They allow "efficient" storage and access of data that is both produced by many untrusted computers and stored by many untrusted computers. I use quotes around "efficient" because while it's absolutely more efficient than previous systems …

Wild West Mail Delivery in the Age of Bitcoin

If you saw me talk at ManhattanJS you know I have a dream about a decentralized mesh network that supports decentralized applications that cater to our decentralized behaviors.

There are a lot of parts to this dream, the hardware, the network, the software, the apps, the critical mass. All sorts of things. A ton of things. So I have to start somewhere. hackerchat should be the app with some plugable network backends. The two backends I have are o… © 2024
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