November 19, 2002

Almost a week

I love how big things like this can go unnoticed. Wired News has an article about how a
bug in Microsoft's Internet Explorer could cause a web page to be able to format your hard drive. Hell it could
do anything actually. Slashdot was talking about how some script kiddy made a site showing how it could install
trogon virus. The kind they wage attacks with. If a kid was smart he could have it collect email addresses or
credit card numbers. Spam enough people with an infected link and you get 10-100 times the amount of addresses
back with most of them working. This site
has a little more info on what you can do to help save your self. But there is nothing yet that can keep you
completely safe from this threat. Well there is something...

Some guy bulk purchased and setup a portal site. Its a nice get rich scheem but he didn't need my domain! I have though. Not like anyone's ever going there. .Org is obscure enough.

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