November 22, 2002


I'm kind of happy about this. I just got an email.

The Indian Student Council  (ISC) is proud to present the film "MONSOON

Monday, November 25, 7:30 p.m., Mimosa Hall Lounge

Set in present day Delhi, the film celebrates a contemporary India
never before seen on screen. This comedy-drama focuses on the Verma
family, who are about to celebrate their daughter's marriage. With days
to go, the final preparations are chaotically put in place amidst the
arrival of the extended family. However, things get tense among the
family members when hidden agendas, secrets, and fears threaten to
disrupt the wedding.

Refreshments will be served.

You hear that! "Refreshments will be served."!!
Seriously though its a real good movie, I have an Indian friend who didn't like it, said India wasn't like that, and neither were the people. But seriously is America like "Run away bride"? Or Greece like "My big fat Greek wedding"? (Which I'd really like to go see tonight.) Its a good movie, go rent it from your movie stores. God knows *you* people can probably manage to get to them. (I can't)

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