November 26, 2002

And the number 7

I uploaded mikes photos from his trip home last thanksgiving. They're a year old but we had some fun that day. These photos are also responsible for incriminating me with the destruction of a giant Styrofoam 1.

I've also been playing with this little file transfer program called rsync. I have my music on both my desktop and my laptop and I can keep them synced with just one easy command. I'm playing with it for a different reason though. I found a web page with a cool idea for backing stuff up. Its pretty cool.

Alright more later, I want to go return book 4 and get book 5 of Preacher. This is probably one of the best comics I've ever read. Tulip and Jesse are amazing. And how doesn't love Cassidy. This comic deals with everything, from religion ("Yeh know, havin' met the good lord face to face, I think I can honestly says he's a bit of a prick." - Cassidy) to love ("Because living without that girl aint like living at all." - Jesse Custer) to life ("Dont take no shit off fools, and judge a person by what's in them, not how they look, and do the right thing. You got to be one of the good guys, because there are way too many of the bad" - John Custer). Its great goodness.

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