December 20, 2002

Holy shit its back.

I just took a look at that date and cringed. Its almost Christmas and I
haven't gone shopping yet. I thought I'd have at least a week to take
care of things. Things sneak up on you I guess.

There has been so much I've wanted to write here since the site went
down. Which is entirely my fault. But it could have been back up 2 days
ago if I had just restarted apache. It took my friend Jason turning the
dam thing off (by accident? who knows) and then my turning it back on
for apache to restart and the changes to take affect.

I'm finally home again. I don't have much to say about that yet being
that I've only been home a number of hours. I don't have much space to
move into - I never thought I'd have more space sharing a dorm room then
I would at home but its true. My brother is like the room mate from
hell. We need to work on things. But he's my brother and I'd rather have
him as my room mate then my actual room mate any day. I'll save this rant
for later.

Since my last post I have long since finished Preacher. It was a dam good series.

I'll be
updating more frequently nowadays, now that everything works again. Its late now though,
so I'm out of here. For everyone who's up this late, sleep tight when you do, and for
everyone who's asleep, pleasant dreams until you wake.

-Francis © 2023
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