December 23, 2002

World Regional Geography

I just spent 18 hours finishing my world regional geography report. Its now 6:50am. I've got 2 thing to say.

1) You can view the decrepit Microsoft word web page version here but I highly recommend you go and use Microsoft word
and download the actual report here. This is only if you
want to know everything about Poland or like reading my reports so you can find my mistakes and make fun of

2) Professor Hasse your a nice guy but fuck you. I never want to take your class again.
(Fuck me too - I'm the
dumb-ass who didn't do his work earlier - I'm fare we both get insulted. But seriously you don't want to know
that much about Poland. Its a cool country but see a movie about it or something don't read my report. Just give
it a b+ and move on with it. We both have things to do.)

God dammit I'm too tired to even make a witty post. (shut up - don't say it - its not even funny)

-Francis <-- sleeping © 2022.
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