December 26, 2002


Francis is moon walking (like a spaz)
down the corridor at the present moment, so I'm writing his update for
him (I'm Stef btw.) He stayed up all last night working on a Power Point
Presentation for Cassie, and got absolutely no sleep (it didn't help
that he left my house later than he probably should have). This meant
that when he came to visit me, he slept. For about 4 hours. Things went
well once he came to, until Amanda (my little sister) came running into
the room, holding her arm, screaming in agony. Apparently some rough
housing went on in my living room and one of her moron friends jumped on
her and fuked up her arm. She's now sitting in a hospital with my mother
(who isn't in the best health at the present moment) waiting to have
x-rays taken. My mother's friend stopped by and looked at Fran and said
"It's a Caragliano crisis", thus the title of this update. My nerves are
shot from the events of the day, but slowly recovering. Franny actually
handled the situation quite well. I need to say thank you to his mom,
Karen, for offering up some good medical advice (for those of you who
haven't met Fran's mommy, she's a wonderful lady.) So, thank you Karen.
Hopefully, all will go well at the hospital. I'm sure there will be
another update soon. Sorry I had nothing to write about the site, but
who the hell reads this anyway?

All my best,


DA CRISIS (Part 2)

9:35 PM Well, Mandy's home from the hospital. She has a broken
collarbone. She's a trooper. Her arm is in a sling and she has some ice
on it. She'll be at the doctor tomorrow to find out just how long it'll
take to heal. Mom is on the way home with some medicine. (sigh) it's
been quite a day...


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