December 26, 2002

Another Dream

Those who know me well know that I have trouble dreaming. Everybody dreams every night regardless weather or not
they remember them. I... sorta do. I have both central and obstructive sleeping disorder. What does that mean? I
wake up while I sleep because my diaphragm forgets to breathe and when I lay down breathing becomes harder. I
don't become fully awake but enough to disrupt my REM sleep, the dream sleep. So the fact that I've had strong
coherent dreams the past few nights comes as a surprise to me. I'm
not sure what to make of this last one. I should have written it down like I did the first night but I didn't
think of it. It had something to do with my teeth falling out. Three or four of them. One of them was a k-nine
and it looked weird. But I had to hold them in my mouth so they would reattach but they kept falling out. It was

The first dream I think was partially inspired by the music video "Prayer" by Disturbed. Its got
parts of ... It looks like the area around canal street in Manhattan with rubble around the streets and
occasionally during the chorus the sky fills with fire and it passes through the singer and the streets. Its
actually pretty biblical I think. The rubble comes from the buildings crumbling around the singer. Something to
do with Jericho I think.. I haven't been up on my bible stories. But either way watching that a few times before
bed had to have had some influence.

I also ran my previous post through Aspell (a spell checker) and fixed a
few errors in it. I had just woken up when I wrote it.

I need to start sleeping normal hours.

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