January 29, 2003

Back from the dead.

Well it took me a month but Roborooter is back. Sort of...
I'm now running on my universities server elvis. Elvis is a good machine and Mark my boss (who runs elvis) has home directory web-pages setup. So I can have my site here for the time being.

News from the front.
I've been learning a lot about security lately, the hard way. All three of my web-servers have been hacked. (Three you say? I thought you only had two!?) Petra who was running was hacked and destroyed at the beginning of winter break. Luckily I had backups. Peter who was running, and a few Brooklyn tech websites was also just recently hacked into (they had access for a while previously - but I couldn't do anything to stop them so I just backed up and hoped that I could get physically to the machine before who ever was in it messed with things.) and Alice who was doing nothing yet but was soon going to be the mirror server for redhat, debian, cpan, kernel and a few others here at Rowan University.

I honestly want say to who ever is behind the attacks. "Thank you." You are soly responsible for getting me concerned with the proper security of my machines. I'd also like to thank who ever it was over at stonybrook (Jesus, who do I know at stony brook? Anyone?) that kept sending me viruses in the mail. It was really nice of you. And to make it look like it was coming from my own server? Well, that just deserves a round of applause. I'd also like to add that the viruses never did anything, didn't even get to infect my system. I also want to take it out with both(?) of you man to man one day, but you seem more like the back stabbing type so I don't know if you'd be up to it. I just want to have a chance to kick your ass, I won't even get mad if you kick mine. Honest.

I'm switching majors. ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) just wasn't doing it for me. Everyone who didn't know me to well thought I was a CS (Computer Science) major anyway. I figured I might as well make them right. CS has more of the classes I want anyway.

Thats all for now I've got some homework to do. I have CS&P (Computer Science and Programming) tomorrow morning at 8am which means I need to be in bed by 11 to get 8 hours of sleep. Hope you are all well and I'll talk to you all later.

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