February 11, 2003


It wouldn't be an interesting day if something didn't go wrong.

This moring before I left for class I woke up my Powerbook to read my mail and I was greeted with the familiar sound of the hard drive crashing. It's happened twice before and just a week before I got the hardware so I could back it up it dies. My data is relativly intact. It's just when reading parts of the drive it takes for ever. I should be able to get 99% of it backed up my self.

At work the two 65 gig drives came in for the mirror server I'm working on. Alice (the server) spent last night building the raid. (Making sure the two drives were exactly the same. It took a couple hours regardless of the fact that both drives were empty. But this way the two drives will never not be the same again (unless they're messed with) so if one dies the other will be there with the data.) I get to clean up and move the system over to the raid today. Should be fun.

After hours I'm calling Apple. My primary goal is to get them to replace the drive with one of a differn't type. My secondary goal is to get them to fix the case up and replace the screen (its a bit damaged). I'm also going to try and guilt them into staging an advanced data recovery on my files. That's normaly very expencive and isn't worth for me to pay for it. As I said I should be able to get most of it off my self. But it's Apple's faulty drive (well they gave it to me anyway) that lost my data so it should be Apple that recovers it for me.

I'll let you know how things turn out later in the day.


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