March 17, 2003

Stupid people.

Some stupid kids up the block tried to make a smoke bomb. Two fire engines, a shit load of cops and a bombsquad later they suceeded in burning down thier kitchen. Don't they know they have to do this stuff in thier back yard? (In my defence I grew up with a concrete allyway as my back yard.)

In other news I was playing with my cellphone. I have made (on this phone). 2,930 calls totaling in 5,720 minutes on the phone. Thats an average of 1.95 minutes a call. I don't talk a lot. Thats also 95 hours and twenty minutes, or almost 4 full days on the phone.

I wish I could hack this phone more - but aparently it sucks as much as a toy as it does as a phone. Hell, as much as sprint!

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