March 24, 2003

Poems and the art of war

I stole a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" from my coffee table before I left for school on Sunday. (Sorry if anyone was reading that.) It's an abridged copy (fits in your pocket) but its got a fair amount in there. I finished it all on the ride down to school. Its amazing that the meaningful texts are so obscure. I mean completely obscure. This shit would make no sense the first read with out the commentary after every sentence. The part that stuck with me most (this time around) was this.

The energy of the army can be dampened, and the general's mind
can be dampened. Therefore, in the morning, energy is high, but
during the day energy begins to flag; and in the evening, energy
is exhausted. Therefore, those skilled in the use of force avoid
high energy, and strike when energy is exhausted. This is the way
to manage energy.

Since I just want to manage my energy and not attack people. I think its prudent to wake in the morning when energy is high and I still have some time before it begins to flag or it is exhausted.

I found this on the internet the other day and it stuck as well.


have you ever written in watercolors?
have you ever worn the sleeves of your sweaters
over your fingers?
have you ever twirled your hair?
or yawned while your toes pointed and the tips
of your fingers reached the clouds?
when was the last time you slept until the sun
was setting ?
or stayed up all night finishing a book you only
just started?
has anyone ever called you beautiful?
have you ever believed them?
when was the last time you painted your toenails?
have you ever walked barefoot everywhere you went?
or ate an entire package of oreos?
eaten peanut butter with a spoon?
when was the last time you giggled until your sides ached?
or hugged your crying friend?
have you ever told your dog you loved them?
do you remember what its like to snuggle next to a
heater after youve been out in the cold?
or rest your back after a long day?
have you enjoyed smiling lately?
have tears been your only way of surving?
and your imagination the only way out?

sometimes its time to appreciate the insignificant
things that keep you happy
or sad
or feeling
or just alive....

I found this link in my travels through newsgroups.

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