My Sprint PCS Touch Point Phone died today. (Never mind that I'm writing this tomorow) The batttery casing fell apart. (It comes loose easily - thats why these phones reset all the time.) I've got it scotch taped together while I copy all the numbers out. Its about time I got rid of it.

I'm registering for classes at Rowan for the Fall Semester tomorow. I have a meeting with my advisor (I still don't know who it is.) tomorow and I'll work out the finer details with them then.

I had loads and loads of sushi today. I also folowed a dare to eat wayy to much wasabi. I don't feel very well. Good sushi though. Wow it was good.
I enjoyed that sushi thoroughly. I had a a bunch of things but most importantly I had shrimp tempora in a self titled Lotus roll. (The restraunt is named Lotus Orential.). That was very very good.