April 5, 2003

I hate the RIAA

In recent news the RIAA has been going after college students for illegal file trading. Hell you can be a rat for them too if you so please. They might buy you a pizza or something.



Sherman said that the RIAA will continue to investigate these types of services on college networks and that anyone with knowledge of such systems should report them to RIAA's music piracy hotline, 1-800-BAD-BEAT. "We hope that these suits serve as a stiff deterrent to anyone who is operating or considering setting up a similar system."

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. But I never said they were exactly "wrong". Stealing music is stealing music and can't be justified. We'll see some sort of alternative distribution for bands to release music soon enough but I'm sick of what we got in the mean time. Maybe once its gone we'll see a large drop in the piracy.

I'm just happy they are still just going after the "dealers" so to speak. I don't share personally (I'm talking about the legal content I have from my own cds, I'm a responsible consumer and have never downloaded music illegally. =D ) its like sharing needles or something. But people like "RowanMaster" who runs my campus's DC server should watch out. I personally don't know him but I do know who he is and he's a jerk too. If he pisses me off I'd might have to make a phone call. ;-)


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