April 16, 2003

Umm.. Lots of stuff.

A lot of things have happened lately. Let me list them.

1) I got a new phone. Its the same number. And its new to me not exactly a "brand new" phone. I have to thank Cindy for this one. It used to be hers.
2) Frank's car (which he lent to me for a month) has died. I'll get into it later but it went in for repair and its not coming out. I left some stuff in it too...
3) I'm taking a leave of absence from Rowan University this semester - I'll be back next semester. In my own apartment no less (you wouldn't believe how much money I'll save. And I won't need a meal plan - You don't know how much you get screwed with those.)

4) The day after Easter I'm going to spend 12 days in Washington State visiting my family.

I'm sure there's more but I have to go rent a van so I can move out of my dorm room on friday.


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