April 23, 2003

I don't post enough.

Let me start this post by saying I have a nice amount of jet-lag (2 hours sleep the night before doesn't help) and I'm not spell checking (at lest not now) but what else is new?

I started making a list of things (well I didn't actually) that I want to do once I get back from this trip. This is all assuming my foot is healed (I hurt it last saturday) and I'm not sick (I sorta am now).

I want to start by cleaning out my bedroom. Now it hasn't been mine in quite a while. I don't even have my stuff in it, I'm sorta living at franks. I want to first clean it - all the trash, all the paper, all the stuff on the walls (I'm sorry Nick). Then go through all the stuff and make my self an E-Bay account and sell things. I'll have to check with nick about some of his stuff - I don't want to get rid of his things but a lot of it is junk he doesn't really want. (Optional) I might sand the walls and paint them again - they kinda need it. When things are clean I'm going to rework the furniture. Move things around make it more livable.

I'll work on that all week.

That weekend hopefully I have my car. Frank might give me his once its fixed. I'm kinda happy about it. I want to visit rowan again and hang out with my friends. I also didn't get to say good bye to two very important people when I left that friday so I want to see them again.

More to come. I'm going to sleep.


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