April 26, 2003

The familiar beat and path.

I don't ever update enough. I meant to update this last night and then this morning and it just goes on and on and before you know it I haven't updated since last year and if I did it wouldn't matter anyway because no one would be around to read it.

There are a few things I've been meaning to announce.

I got a new cell phone the other day. Its insured for 2 years. I got a leather case that clips on and off your belt, car visor, etc. I got a head set but it turns out that even though its a Nokia (notorious for proprietary head sets) this phone uses "Universal head sets" which just means that they finally decided to go with the standards. I gave my old head set to my mom.

My accident two weeks ago in which I messed up my foot was finally diagnosed today. I didn't want to goto a doctor because frankly I don't know what they would have done for it. I knew I didn't break anything (I could move the foot around and my mother tested it by putting a ringing tuning fork up to the bone. If it was broken I would have screamed in pain with the bones vibrating like that.). It turns out that just like one would sprain an ankle or any other joint in the body I had sprained my metatarsel/tarsel joint. What's that you ask? Its where your toes meet your foot around the middle of your foot. I should be good in 2 more weeks as long as I keep off of it. They offered me a huge boot I could wear to immobilize it. I left the boot behind it was admittedly a little over kill.

I dove back a little into bthsnews.org there are still some forum bugs that need working out. But thats that.

I'm looking forward to coming home even though I like it out here. I was just getting used to waking up in the slope every morning. I miss having a constant home.


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