April 29, 2003

Road Trip

This morning I drove my mother to the air port so she can start her journey home. I had to getup at 4:30am (western time) to drive her but it was worth it. And on the plus side I'm up early to pack for my trip to Seattle. I'm making the 4 hour trip rather soon. Wish me luck.

Apple opened up their online music service and updated the firmware on thier iPods (not to mention some very nice new iPods). I'm the proud owner of 12 (well my mother gave me 4 dollars to get her 4 songs) legally downloaded songs. I got some Gorillaz "G Sides" that are kind of nice and a got a few matchbox twenty songs. I'd like to see some Red Hot Chili Peppers but I guess their album didn't sign with apple. *shrug*

Penny Arcade (link to your right) is fighting a legal battle with American Greetings. American Greetings apparently didn't appreciate their humor. It is quite fortunate that I do. (umm I was going to mirror it but I'm having some trouble uploading it - I'll give you a link instead) Just to not this is a parody of American McGee who took the story of Alice in Wonderland and make a dark demented video game based off of it. Now he's doing the same thing to The Wizard of Oz. Well here's Penny Arcade's Strawberry Shortcake. The entire reason for the suit is that American Greetings owns Strawberry Shortcake. Who knew?


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