April 30, 2003

Multi Update

I've got more to say but I'm too tired now. This is a long one anyway. =)

Clouds in Richland
I guess it has to do with the desert. The clouds in Taos New Mexico were amazing I have entire collections of photos of just the clouds. It includes everything from the small little puffy ones that travel for miles dodging the larger sprays of clouds with out form, from the titanic solid clouds that look like gigantic ships slowly cruising the sky to the stews of everything, mixed but not melded together, each cloud separate from the rest, picking up on its own color light and casting its own shadows on the other clouds and and the ground below. I find it breathtaking to watch them during a sunset. More breath taking then the sun could ever be.

I sat in front of a Starbucks the other day. I had nothing to do, no pressing matters. I had borrowed my Grandmother's car to go to a Radio Shack to get an adapter so I could listen to music in the car. I was hungry so I got a taco from Taco Bell before I parked. I sat in front of the Star Bucks eating my taco, drinking a frappachino and relaxing. I called up my girlfriend and we talked while I sat back and watched the sky. I was just content.

(Just to note my Grandfather has lent me the car so I can visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin in Edmunds right out side of Seattle.) The clouds on the trip to Seattle spanned across the sky. I could see rainstorms in the distance. On one side I could see puffs of clouds casting shadows across the grassy mountains, on the other a city lies in the distance, a cloud reaches down and waters its inhabitants. Its amazing. In New York we don't get such pretty skies. Its usually either overcast or clear with an occasional streak, a slew of mist in the sky. Nothing ever seems to hold form. I guess thats why clouds make me so happy when I travel.

Part of it had to be because I was so tired. Hell I was hungry too. The only reason why I got off the highway was because I saw a sign for a Quiznos. I can't even say the sandwich was any good. I had no idea it was going to be spicy and it didn't even have the flavor to go along with the spice that makes it worth while. Hell I thought it was going to taste like cheddar. (Something with the bread - its all white bread anyway. Same deal at Subway - choose what ever bread you enjoy saying the name of most. Because it's going to taste the same as all the other bread.) I come to a merge at the end of the exit and wait for the car in front of me to pull out. I look back to make sure nothing was coming and I start off only to realize that the car in front of me hadn't really left at all. I slammed on the breaks but it was too late. My stuff fell off the passenger seat. I only bumped her - left a mark on the bumper. We traded insurance, I made sure she was alright (we were both fine) and then she left. I even forgot to get her phone number. I pulled off into a parking lot of some mall complex and called my grandparents. I sorta broke down in tears after I hung up. Not only had I bumped so poor lady (who took it quite well) but I had really let down my Grandfather. The horn beeped as I let my head the steering wheel. Awe well, accidents happen. I pulled my self together and went off to go find the Quiznos.

Weather on Road

Remember the storms I saw in the distance? Well I found another one while driving on a mountain pass. At one moment it was sunny and then it wasn't. I only stayed under the rain for maybe 6 or 7 miles. It was hard to tell because it didn't end as suddenly as it began. At one point I had to slow down because it became almost impossible to see where I was going. Some hotshot in a SUV buzzed past me a good 30 miles faster then me. Dam show off.

Sleep last night.

I should be in bed now but I want to finish writing. I fell asleep at 10 pm last night and slept like a baby. It was good. I'm hoping not to have as much trouble adjusting to New York time as I think I will. Penny my relatives golden retriever woke me around 9.

I'm too tired to finish this tonight I'll get back to it tomorrow and tell you about everything else. I everyone is doing well and I hope to see you all soon.

Good night


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