May 25, 2003


The first picture of earth from mars was taken the other day. While as far as pictures go it sucks it is still quite amazing. I'd credit the following pictures if I knew where they came from. Probably

As I said its a crappy picture. The image on the right shows what you're seeing. This comes from a much larger picture that also shows Jupiter and our moon. But I warn you its quite large and is mostly black. You can find it here.

I saw the second Matrix the other day. It was pretty good, I know a lot of people don't like it but like "The Empire Strikes Back" it sets up the 3rd movie and ends on a downer. Another downer is that the first time I went to go see it (at the Lowes Lincoln Square) I got denied entry because not everyone in our group had ID. Apparently you now need state identification to go see a movie that's rated R. The six of us went and got noodles instead. This is of course after arguing for entry. "Since when was a movie theater require as much identification as an air port?" I got an almost full refund (I got them online and the surcharge wasn't refunded.). The noodles were quite good. I now wait for the third Matrix to come out. =)

And just because I found it interesting here is a link for a picture of Saturn and the website it came from.

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