June 3, 2001

Say "Hi"

I Just finished the SAT2s yesterday. I ended up taking 3 of them so I could get them over with now instead of taking them later. The tests were fairly easy. Even though I ran out of time on the writing test I still think I did fairly well. The other two tests I tok were Math 1C and Physics. The Math had some problems that were completely foreign to me, but not many so I think I did well there as well. The Physics was a joke. I started thinking that my 10 year old brother could answer some of the questions, but then I remembered the test was created for all students and that the majority of students had to pass it. It amazes me that the tests are tailored to fit even the lowest level students and not the other way around. (This applies to most standerdised test not just this Physics.) Also somebody should tell "The College Bord" that you cant have electrical current "in" something. It can only exist going "through" somthing. (Its like saying "Check out the velosity in that one!")
Anyway Say Hi to Rooney He's one of our staff. (No, really? -Rooney) Expect to see some updates from Him and others sometime soon.

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