May 30, 2003

What to write.

I think I'll post some of that stuff I never finished. I usually make notes about what I want to write and then expand them. The notes are included. But first I'd like to say that this site on its current host will never have any ads. I guess its for the best but I almost made a dollar selling ad space.

Date: Sun May 4, 2003 23:41:51 America/New_York

Subject: Thursday

One day I want to raise my kids in a place like this.I sit on the porch swing in the front of my Aunt's house and sway back and forth. I can hear kids laughing in the distance. The wind blows and the trees sway overhead. The trees. The trees are huge compared the ones that line the streets of the more rural areas of New York City. I've never seen oak trees get so big and stay so green. Its a cool day - not cold like it has been everywhere else I've been but cool. I could wear my sweatshirt if I wanted but I'm plenty comfortable in my tee-shirt. I'm actually a little sweaty after running around with my cousin and his friends. The quality of light under a tree is something I've been missing. I would live here, I could live here.Edmunds is a suburb of Seattle, about 15 miles north. Its quite an easy commute into the city, takes about half an hour by car. By car is the only way - the only public transit is busses and they don't run this far out. Seattle is a good city. Its not large by far but what it lacks in size it makes up for in culture and in seattle - trees - view from swinghanging out with the boys (I never thought I'd have so much fun hanging out with a bunch of 12 year olds.)need for a car in suberbiagympike street tomorowg'night


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