June 7, 2003

Rainy days.

I had just gotten back from PC Richards ran up the stairs of the park slope yoga center when I realized that I had no money and I hadn't eaten. Scratch yoga again. I'll make it into that place eventually. Instead I walked in the rain to the bank and got some cash and headed home. About a block after I had passed it I doubled back and went to key food. It was nice walking the isles. At first I tried to carry the food - I got to remember to take carts in these places.) I had some time with no chatter or problems just the idle thoughts of "Why would they charge that for this!?" and "I got to find something here that doesn't taste good. If it taste good I'll eat it." And of course "I need a box of tissues that make it feel like I'm kissing a goddess every time I blow my nose. None of this double ply crap!" I figured spending $40 for a lot of food once beats $10 a meal 4 times eating out.

I've just got one question. Its not a hard one.
Why the fuck does cereal cost so much?
I mean it's a box of starch. It's less then bread. The cereal companies make a machine to produce it, hook up a supply of wheat, potatoes, old newspaper, what be it and poof cereal for the rest of time. Five fucking dollars for a box of Cheerios? I should move to a farm.


Email me if you get any leads.
I'm off to clean house and computer. It's to the point where everything (in both places) is too messy to want to deal with. I'm now in an organizational fit. It's time for good music, rainy days, and cool nights. All in all, I'm content.

One last thing before I go. I got a dollar! Thank you Allison! She used that pay pal link that some of you may have noticed off to the left there. Feel free to chip in!

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