July 11, 2003

It's Friday Again.

I lost what I was previously typing and I still intend to expand on what I have written below. But I'll do that later for now let me add to the list.

I want to make a moral draft for my self. Maybe.. Kind of like a personal 10 commandments. Unfortionatly I don't belive my self propperly qualified for prepreration of such a document. I'll should be looking at previous attempts I gather.

I'm happy. I've been going in and out of depression for a while now and I belive that I'm back to my good ole' jolly self. Now only if I wasn't so.. err jolly (think santa clause) I need to get back to my excerizes. Ohh and someone called me Smiley at Starbucks today. Apartently I picked up that nick name a while ago. =)

Work is going Well. I've never witnessed over 40 computers reboot at the same time. It was quite a site.

I apoligise for the blotchyness of the writing tonight but its far to late to be more thouro and precice. Ohh and if you get a chance and like wierd shows like I do go watch "Out of order" its good. G'night.


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