June 4, 2001

I'm gone for two days and look what happens...

Francis starts posting news again. I'm not so sure about that writing section, buddy... Anyway, more DSL follies: our DSL bridge, the one they sent us, was sitting there with the blinken lights saying it was "training the line", and that this could take "several minutes". A day and a half is more than that, right? So Focal sends some poor guy from Pennsylvania who was here to help with the support phones over to run some tests. He shows up, and my dad, who stayed home from work to let the guy in, picks up the bridge to show it to him. As he does, the blinken lights stop and say the line is clean. Ok, so he puts it back down. Lights go off completely and when they come back on, it starts "training". Ok, Bill the Generic Guy has brought a bridge with him, so we try that one. "Training". Ah ha! The first one's power supply must be flaky, and the second bridge doesn't work, so swap the bits. First bridge with the second power supply. Presto, it works. FM. As Bill packs up, we ask, "hey, don't you want the stuff you brought?" Bill replies, "'Course not. I don't even work in this city." Ok, so now we have 1)the bridge that works, 2)the bridge that doesn't work, 3)the old NorthPoint bridge that works, and 4)the NorthPoint bridge that doesn't work. I have a headache...
(Oh, yeah? I only took US history and Physics, so there. And its "Content Director", fool.)
In other news, Koudelka had a dream. What is the world coming to?

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