July 18, 2003

Give me bucks.

I am short of money. August 3rd to August 10th I would very much like to be out in the woods.
Unfortunately a cabin at the camp I've been going to for 11 years cost around $450 dollars.
Its on a lake, the people are great, you don't even need to lock your doors.
I love it there. And on top of that my brother loves it there and I really want to take him. And my friend Jeanette she really wants to go too!

Here's the deal. To the left you'll see a pay pal link. Click it and give me money. I'll keep a running total right below it on how much I've collected and how much I need to go. I'm not going to include food money and such there I can cover that.
Now if you have a paypal account please use it paypal takes a cut of credit card transactions. If you want pay pal they'll give you 5 buck or something and if you tell them I sent you (use my email reconbot@mac.com) I think they'll give me five bucks too. If you give me your free $5 (no skin off your back.) I'll get $10 and thats like 2.3% of the total cost!

Please help us get where we want to go.


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