July 22, 2003

Muddy Waters

I wish I could write more but it is far to late to get a good entry started. If you get a chance go listen to some good blues music, like Muddy Waters for example. I also found out today that I weigh 199 pounds. Thats not me. I think I'm going to go buy roller blades tomorrow if I get a chance. My target weight is maybe 175, but honestly its not like I want to stop at a target. I just want to feel fit.

My withdrawal effects are lessening. I felt good pretty much all day today except for after dinner where the "zaps" came back. I also get that vertigo feeling pretty easy. But I think I'll be good to roller blade and drive and do all those other fast flying activities come tomorrow. Which is good because I'm driving out to my brother (Who I may add is coming home rather soon. =) tomorrow and I want to be able to drive out to him.

I know I've claimed this before but I'm going to bed. Good night all.


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