July 23, 2003

Blue Man Group

Alright First off I have to say I'm really attracted to this link here. Second I'd like to quote from one of its comments concerning Burning Man.

"Go to a museum. Find one of Salvador Dali's more disturbing but beautiful paintings. Climb inside it."

Secondly I want to touch on the things I keep forgetting to mention.
Now I hate to sound like I'm joking but... I keep forgetting things, like what happened last week, or what I did yesterday. Things like that. I think its the paxil. But.. I honestly don't know how long this has been going on. I don't remember. =D

I got my comforter back. It was in the wash, I missed it. I had unfortunately never washed it before nor did I have a cover. So Friday I brought it over to Carol Cleaners and had it washed. I also got a comforter cover from my mother. I hope its still quite as soft as it was before.

I got skates today. Like the inline kind. (I believe they're called roller blades on the street :-p) I love them so much. I used to wear them all the time years ago. Me and my brother used to wear them more then our shoes. I can't wait until I get good on them again. I wore them around the apartment tonight, only crashed once. I want to go around the park a few times.

God I love Muddy Waters. If your not familiar with blues then your doing something wrong.

And don't forget the tina. (Tribute to a good friend not named Tina.)

Tina the Troubled Teen


I totally forgot to mention that I want to go see the Blue Man Group on August 3rd. It starts at 8 pm and cost $65. It aint cheap but I hear its worth it. If you want to go let me know (email, phone, aim anything, you can even just click contact at the top of this page. I think.. Yes you can.) but don't buy your ticket yet we got a few weeks and if it doesn't pan out you might be left going alone. I really want to go and its going to be lots of fun. I guess I need an excuse to get sweaty, dance to loud music, and get blue paint all over my self. Its good to do with friends I think. Anyway get in touch.

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