July 25, 2003

I'll stop asking for money.

I'm kinda happy "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve just played. That song used to bring up a swell of emotions when I heard it. I used to play it over and over, the song its self doesn't evoke much. It is pretty though.

I took off the collected money for camp on the left side. My parents are covering it. Which is good considering I'm watching my brother, paying for food and actually driving him (And jenny and one of her sisters.) up to camp. I also plan to cook a lot. When I do I'll have to kick Jenny out of the cabin though. She'd end up taking the food away from me because she didn't like how I stirred or something. I'm also thoroughly ready to take everyone out to dinner if I mess it all up too. =p

I'm going to be revamping Roborooter.com in a few days (I make so many promises.) but I wanted to give you all a sneak peak just goto www.roborooter.com/mt and look for your self. Right now you won't see anything more then the installation instructions but in a few .. in some time I'll have a functioning site.

One of my other ongoing projects has been the painting and modding of my desktop case. I just got the rest of the pain I needed today. Once I get the bad paint (Keep "Acrylic Latex" on your walls kids.) removed from my plastic (easier said then done) I'll get a nice black coat applied and then I can get my creative juices flowing. I'd post pictures but this brings me onto my next topic of discussion.

I'm finally getting a new charger for my camera and the pictures section of this site working again.

In the last post I mentioned I was attracted to a link "here" where "here" contained no link. Let me get that one for you. *HERE*. Sorry for the confusion.

I went and got my paint today at perl paint (A very quaint painting store, albeit large and probably one of the best. I was told in order to exchange my paint I'd need to get flogged first. I agreed. I mean it is a pain in the ass to work with inventory.) on Canal street. From there I skated down broadway into the City Hall area. I skated past "Five Points" where "Gangs of New York" took place. I skated past where the murder on wednesday took place. You wouldn't even know anything happened there today. I past a tour bus full of tourists and waved back at some people. They looked mid-western. I stopped by J&R Computer World and found them to be as utterly useless as they were years ago when I used to go there everyday. I woke up late today but I'm glad it wasn't totally wasted.


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