July 28, 2003

Life is the journey

Yesterday my car wouldn't start. I finally got jumped and then didn't have a problem after that but it worried me. I didn't get to go down to rowan because of it. Today my dad's car broke down and left my mother stranded in Queens. I went and got her in my car, had no problems, a nice ride. I had pizza with my mother, an Indian pizza place. Good stuff.

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I'm kind of happy that HBO in demand has gotten the rest of season 3 of the Soprano's. My friend Caroline lent me the Soprano's Season one on DVD. I watched it all in a row. All 13 episodes. It was good to see how it all started. I'm still missing a little of season 2 but in a few days I'll have season 3 finished. Itís such a show... I'm not sure what to say. I'll go into it more one day.

Music has such a way with people. I was driving to pick up my mom and songs kept on playing on K-Rock. The Hardest Button To Button by the White Stripes came on the radio. I love that song; itís a good example modern blues. It also reminds me of a friend named Caroline. If you knew her you'd know why, she loves the stuff.

I'm a big fan of the classical stuff my self. (Not that I don't have a thing for The White Stripes.) A guy named Danny Kalb played a week ago at a bar named South Paw. He's been playing for years but apparently hadn't toured in a while. I can't stress how much I enjoyed that concert. How much he enjoyed it too. My dad knows the guy they hang out at a local coffee place and talk politics. I can't believe how good music from the 30's 40's and 50's is. I'll go see if I can find any recording that are in the public domain. The one thing that cracks me up is that every song says something along the lines of "I want to make love to you.". People arenít so blatant these days. I wonder if couples used to play songs like "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" at their bedside before they made love? Sounds real romantic but I you wouldn't have heard much else those days.

"Wake Me Up Inside" by Evanescence also played Made me think of my friend Jason. That song is on the Dare Devil sound track; he's got a thing for the music from that movie. Itís a good song. Got a wicked music video too, the singer is wearing some little flowing dress and climbing on the side of her building. At the end the guitarists can't pull her back in and she falls, almost floats, and it ends.

I think I'm typed out for tonight. Let me see if this if this new spell check module I installed works.


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