August 3, 2003

Let's talk about our problems.

All right I'm watching some stupid TV show on MTV. Road Rules. Like almost every other reality show out there they have the people talk about each other on camera after each event. I figure that if they didn't analyze every action each of them made then maybe they wouldn't hate each other so much. Can people over look differences if they truly arenít made to look at them? If I don't like you and I never stop to think about it, can we still get along?

Now one could argue that this leads to repressed emotions. One of the leading reasons for therapy I think. But would be the problem with it? I think a little repression in this case would do us all a favor. Why do people feel the need to share everything?

This makes me wonder why people don't limit them selves more often. Sure you should go cease the moment but shouldn't you leave some un-ceased too? The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

At this hour I'm probably talking nonsense. I woke up Saturday evening around 7pm and now at 5:15 am I'm going to hit the sack again. I can't let myself sleep in that long. It messes my sleep patterns up for the next few days.

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