August 22, 2003



I don't know the details as of yet (What I do know I'll tell you with the pictures) but here are the best pictures I took. Please excuse the quality my camera is packed for my move to school. (Read on!)


Okay, you see that cop car infront of the cab? Yea its one of the two cop cars involved in the accident.


If the camera was better you'd be able to read "Emergency Services" and "K-9 Unit" on these cops jackets.


This truck scared more people then anything else. Let's just say it made an entrance.


I counted 5 ambulances, 3 fire trucks, 6 cop cars, and 4 special cop vehicles.


I think the cops were chasing someone on foot when they came upon the cab. It wasn't someone from the cab. Nobody walked away from the crash. A friend of mine heard an APB for "a black male, red shorts white shirt" from one of the cops radios. The APB might explain this.



The helicopters made me nervous. It was like they were looking at me. I started remembering Fahrenheit 451. I've read the book, but in the movie they kept showing helicopters help chase down people with books. It's all kinda crazy. I'll keep you informed of updates.

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