September 22, 2003

Today ____

I've been thinking in depth thoughts all day and now that I've finally sat down to write them I'm at a blank. Well I took pictures to go with them lets see if my thought processes can work in reverse. Since I have a lot of pictures I'm going to insist that you click "read more".

Ohh and now that I'm finishing this up a few days later there's going to be a lot less thoughtful commentary. I hate my internet connection at home.

I woke up and it was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining and it was a good day. Nice gentle wind and all. And you know the best part? I had my car and it was good. =)


You see the car would drive but it would fail to shift gears based on my acceleration. So given enough time I could reach highway speeds but... lets just say I made it to the garage. Anyway the cable from the throttle to the transmission wasn't moving right or at all.



That red cap is the end of the brand new cable. =) Anyway I went to go drop some stuff off at my local bank.


I have my Minotola account for proof that I live where I do. They were stupid enough to believe me with out verification. Fortunate for them I do live where I said I did.

I still had a few loose ends to tie up. Look at the pretty picture of a car.


Below is Jen. She lent me her car for the week that mine was in the shop. (well almost a week) She didn't even want money or anything. I gave her money to fill her tank when I gave it back. It was the least I could do. Well that and driving her to a concert with her boyfriend so she could be under the influence ;-)


I drove her to her car and then went to go visit Sarah and company.




They probably live in the nicest part of campus the only place with shady trees. You don't know how much you miss things like shady trees until they're only on one part of campus.




Michelle was playing the guitar to me and Lindsay. She was good.



Here's an over view of their room. (Lindsay, Michelle, and Sarah are all roommates.) You can see how Michelle and Sarah have really moved in. If you look closely you can tell that Lindsay while moved in doesn't really live there. She spends a lot of time at her boyfriends, even calls it home sometimes.






We went out side and Michelle started to teach Lindsay to play Blackbird by the Beatles. It was nice. Sarah finished her shower and I took a picture of the three of them.


I got hungry so I decided to get some taco bell. You wouldn't believe how long the lines for drive through get around meal times. Itís a big reminder of the book "Fast Food Nation".


I normally get a number 7 with a soft taco and Mountain Dew Code Red (Code Ruge!). Itís pretty good.


Oh and in case you were wondering.


You've seen them before. The god-awful hedges that exist solely to keep people away from things. I hate them, they are ugly.


This last picture I took for Sarah. Her favorite hang out growing up was her Taco Bell. Yea she's one of theirs.

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