September 29, 2003


I think I'm getting sick so I'm going to cut this short and to the point.

Item 1) I finally got my new router hooked up here at my apartment and its wonderful. I never thought a crappie router could make the internet suck so much. (well duh) I sorta figured it was an all or nothing deal. - This means I can now upload pictures from home and post with out fuss.

Item 2) I saw Matchstick Men today. It was good. I really want to give away a lot of the details but I won't. Just go see it. Angela played by Alison Lohman was by far the best character. She didn't have the development that Roy (Nicolas Cage) had but she was a lot more convincing (which is so ironic as you find out). I guess a 14 (she's twenty four in real life) year old girl is easier to believe then a neurotic middle aged man.

© 2003 Warner Brothers. All Rights Reserved.

Anyway besides being a good actress, she is cute.

Item 3) I recently (and regrettably) saw a movie called Cabin Fever. Not many people who know me know that I enjoy a good horror flick. I even enjoy bad ones occasionally. Its also not a surprise that its hard to tell the difference most of the time. Cabin Fever is a piss poor crappie movie that isn't even fun to hate. That's a bold statement. I make it for a reason.

This is Marcy. We called her the "slut". Hell we had nick names for everybody.

Five stupid people are stupid and a small town is really dumb too. Thats the plot. Ohh and don't forget the flesh eating virus and the occasional boobs. The movie's only saving grace was the fact that it starred (umm sorta) the kid Shawn from Boy Meets World. He was good but I would have rather had seen him flip out and kill everyone. Would have made a better movie. If you have an urge to waste 10 bucks (I'm so happy students are only $5.50 here.) go see Plan 9 from Outer Space I heard that one sucked too. © 2022.
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