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The Quick and the Dead

Dreamhost decided to revert my database back to just before I finished this post, effectively unpublishing it and returning the rest of my typos. I thankfully left it open in a browser on my laptop. So this post is now amazing, not because it's any good, but because it survived being put down like a sick dog. It gets to live.

I'm on hold trying to straiten out 3 of 4 billing snafus companies have me in. The first two were easy, this one Broadvoic…

Citizen Kane (The union forever)

The Union Forever
Words and Music by Jack White
Consists primarily of extracts from
The film "Citizen Kane" released in 1941
Written by Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz

This post mostly written by Patrick Ferris and stolen from Broken Bricks

Update A video showing a lot of these parallels.

It can't be love ¹
For there is no true love `2
It can't be love
For there is no true love

Sure I'm C.F.K. `3
But you gotta love me `4
The cost, no man c…

Donnie Darko, and the collapse of the "tangent universe"

This post is about my investigation to when the "Tangent Universe" collapses in the Movie "Donnie Darko", assuming it's a point in time. I mean, Frank the bunny gave Donnie a countdown, "That is when the world will end.", so I'm going to assume that there is a moment when the event either starts or finishes. (And go away if you're going to bring up time travel, I don't care about the "Prime Universe" or "real universe" tonight. This is all about …

Pleix films

If people are going to read this I might as well write a little.

Pleix films
I found this site from stumble a few months ago. It's got a bunch of weird and neat shorts heavily compressed and skillfully done. The kind of stuff I wish I could do on the weekends, without really having to get heavily into it. (But of course it requires a lot more work then that.) It's art.

Today on Digg I found their "netlag" video (go to them to see it). Imagine you…

Dr. Peper of Rotterdam

Jackie Chan's movie Who am I? is one of Jackie's best. Now mind you.. he makes bad movies, but they're a lot of fun. I'd pick this one way over something like The Medallion or The Tuxedo.

The best part (Jason just pointed this one out.) is that a "Dr. A. Peper" from Rotterdam is given thanks in the credits. I think he's the mayor or something.

I could have cracked up for hours over that.

Dr. Pepper should not be confused with Dr. A Peper. While o…

Super Size Me



So I learned some things from Super Size Me. (Available at any video rental store. And under documentaries on Showtime In Demand Specials.) The pretence. Morgan Spurlock a healthy man eats Mc. Donnalds

Eating McDonnalds every day for a month is really really bad for you.

He gained 12 pounds in first 10 days.

Eating will make you feel good too.

That's not news. I've got a small weight problem, I weigh... 206 last time I checked. I do…

All I Want

Or Try Seventeen as it also goes by is an alright movie. It started kind of odd. "Jones" our protagonist played by Elijah Wood is a 17 year old kid who's just arriving (alone) to college. He takes one look at his room mate and drops out and gets his own apartment. The Netflix sysnopsys says its to work on his writing skills but that's wrong. Jones does write, letters to his unknown father. He comes up with some nice alternate versions of events t…

Who has my Amelie?

It's gone, I don't know who has it. It's a good dvd (double disks box set iirc) and an even better movie. And it can't be argues that Audrey Tautou isn't perfect for the role of Amelie in Amelie. Whatever catch her character has whether it be the "I caused trouble to help someone and it worked" smile, or her "I'm spying on people because I find their behavior facinating even though I know I shouldn't spy on people." grin (It's ok, she's harmless.…

I found it!

Kaena The Prophecy!!

I've had a picture from the downloads in my picture folder from a long time ago, back when the movie was a small independent "off the shelf" production. Apparently they were all... umm not out, on production software so they could afford to do the project, I guess. Honestly it was a long time ago, nice to see it's finally released.

It's French "Kaena: La prophÈtie".


You all remember that car commercial I posted about a week or two ago? Well apparently the link to the movie has circulated around the web a bit. I've had more traffic to my site then ever before. To the point where today I hit 80% of my bandwidth limit. In fact this month's usage has been 7 times any other month.

Well I found out why. which boasts "Boredom Reduction Is Just A Click Away! Visit These Incredibly Un-Boring Sites" l…

One month free

I apparently for a limited time can get people a Netflix subscription for one month free. If you notice I'm a happy user of Netflix (you can check out my current rentals on the right side over there --->) and I'd recommend it to anyone who spends more then 20 bucks a month renting movies. No late fees, etc. I'm not an advertisement you can look at their site if you want it. But the first 5 (I don't know if I'll be able to send more "invitations" …

Ghost in car commercial?

This is pretty crazy... Check out this email I just received:

This is a car advert from somewhere. When they finished filming the ad the people who made it noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist.

The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits.

Watch it and about halfway look and you will see the white mist crossing in front of the car th…

The Beastie Boys and Spike Jones

So I've had The Work of Director Spike Jonze for a while now. I was saving it to watch with someone but.. what ever the curiosity got the better of me, sorry.

Most of his music videos rock. You only get to see him slightly during the test for the Rockafella skank video (which never was produced but led to..) and the Praise You Video which he was the lead dancer. Everybody (But the Beastie Boys) described him as cuddly and fun, perhaps like a tedd…

21 Grams

I think the premise of 21 grams is a little shaky. Not the movie it self but the tagline "We loose 21 grams when we die." It's the weight of a stack of 5 nickels, or a humming bird, can it be the weight of love? I must have missed something because it doesn't make sense to me. Why would they stick such a stupid concept on a movie that's so real? Maybe if the heart weighted 21 grams (it doesn't) or... I dunno. I'll admit don't get it.

The movie 21…

Farscape Returns


SCI FI Brings Back Farscape

I was watching Stargate SG1 and I saw this commercial and it was for a mini series of Farscape and it was good. This show was really good, oh man I'm so happy they're bringing it back, if not at least for a mini series.

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