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Yum Spiderman 2

So I hear people are calling its Spiderman's Empire Strikes Back.

It fits.

Doc Oc was done quite well (though he shouldn't have been able to take so many punches from spidy) and you got to see Peter Parker a lot more. Our beloved hero spent quite a b…

Eternal Sunshine


One day I'll watch the movie with someone and it will have the effect it should. I saw it in theaters a long time ago but that night my mind wasn't really there. I didn't get that fulfilled feeling, I wasted my time.

Thanks to Frank for buying me th…

Bad Lieutenant

I don't know what to say about this movie. So I'll let someone from IMDB do the talking. I like what he has to say anyway.

didi-5 writes;

deeply unpleasant movie with a star performance

'Bad Lieutenant' is not an easy film to watch. The lead characte…

What's in a blog

So I finish this big fight with my brother. It was needless and fruitless and it drove me nuts. The cause of all the madness, me trying to help my father.

Go figure.

So I did some good stuff today to unwind. I got to hang out with a very good friend …

A Good bye to my favorite character

I just finished watching The Sopranos. Last weeks episode (I've got HBO in-demand - but I download them anyway - the in-demand stuff doesn't work half the time ) Adriana La Cerva died. I... can't even express how sad her story is. I wish I could. It …

American Beauty and Troy

Troy was good, Achilles was valiant and could care less about the war and his part was played well. It wasn't Gladiator epic, but It shouldn't have had been.

American Beauty was... beautiful =)


PS. Alright you deserve a better update then th…

Donie Darko

I should have gone to bed, but I don't regret it. I just got to watch my very own copy of Donie Darko. I got it for my birthday and had lent it to my brother. I'm glad I have it back. It's such a story.

(I've got about 1000 thoughts I want to share i…


I just realized that my pack of 25 DVD-R's are actually DVD-RW's and they are teh suck.

On a plus note, I saw Hellboy today. The movie wasn't phenomenal but I defiantly have respect for the Comic. I also discovered Ron Perlman who does the voice and …

Oh man...

So I've been watching some dvds. I just finished disk 1 of Season 4 of the soprano's (link on the right side until I return it), I'm also following with season 5 (every sunday). Its a little odd seeing the two story lines join up.

I still haven't see…

50 Classic Horror Films

Frank bought me this the other day.

I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing, I love horror films yet there's 50. I can see my self wasting a lot of free time on this.

The back of the box lists all 50, I'm going to have to check them off as I …

Spring Break

So I'm back. A week later and few dollars richer. I've decided that I can't wake up in the morning while in NYC. I've got an 18 year habbit of not sleeping at night in that city and while I tried quite hard, I could not break it. Thank god I have mor… © 2022.
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