May 22, 2004

American Beauty and Troy

Troy was good, Achilles was valiant and could care less about the war and his part was played well. It wasn't Gladiator epic, but It shouldn't have had been.

American Beauty was... beautiful =)


PS. Alright you deserve a better update then this. I've been moving, I've got most of my stuff here in ny and I'm trying to not live out of stolen milk crates (I've got sooo many.) I've been spending quality time with old friends but I need to go reach out to other ones I haven't seen in a while.

If I haven't done the folowing in the next 2 weeks I need to be slapped.
1) have wizardcomputing setup and clients being taken
2) Jazz club with Yana, she loves the music as much as I do.
3) Finish cleaning the apartment and have room for a couch. (So many bags of trash I've taken out already!)
4) At least called emily.

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