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Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot was a cute movie about two musicians who pretend to be girls to escape the mob and leave for Florida with an all girls band. My favorite scene has got to be the train car party. These two guys dressed as girl surrounded by 15 girls i…

Everybody Loves a Redford

Tonight I watched Sneakers it was shown to me as a kid by my mother (a woman ahead of her time in knowing what was ahead of her time) who found it to be quite fun. I can look back (all the way to 1992 when I was 8) and recognize the technologies they…

50 First Dates

50 First Dates Sweet romantic comedy that was better then expected. That being said it starred Drew Barrymore nipples. And while every other character was some other weird sexual stereotype Drew her self was not. She was an insanely cute and naive gi…

4 movies and a start of an addiction.

(I'm not going to review these movies. If you really want to know what they're about click the links and read the reviews. In fact do that now so you have some idea what I'm talking about.)

Suicide Club is a stupid movie. I can honestly say it prevok…


I think I'm getting sick so I'm going to cut this short and to the point.

Item 1) I finally got my new router hooked up here at my apartment and its wonderful. I never thought a crappie router could make the internet suck so much. (well duh) I sorta … © 2023.
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