March 12, 2004

Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot was a cute movie about two musicians who pretend to be girls to escape the mob and leave for Florida with an all girls band. My favorite scene has got to be the train car party. These two guys dressed as girl surrounded by 15 girls in their sleeper bed. The girls trying to get drunk and tickling. Like... if it wasn't 1959 I'd be worried about about the goings on, but it wasn't anything of bad taste. Despite these two guys who desperately wanted something of ill repute to happen, but in the end decided it was better to keep their cover and not be murdered by the mob.

This is my first Marilyn Monroe and boy is she something. She's beautiful of course, you don't become a nation's sex symbol for nothing but she's got some sort of charm and innocence which was ironic. I don't know how to describe it.


She's got "it". Anyway the movie ended with her running off with one of the guys then saying that she wasn't very smart (and from the amount of takes she had to do to say simple lines that this trivia page says she had to do it might actually be true) and the other guy telling his fiance (a guy who didn't know he was really a man) that he's a man and him replying "Nobody's perfect." I'm surprised they had an ending like that (they did mention "laws and accords" preventing gay marriage previously) in 1959.

Over all its a quite funny movie that won some awards, made it to number 40 on imdb's top 250, and of course has the illustrious Marilyn Monroe. I would have named it "I want to be loved by you" but it probably had something to do with Marilyn's solo.

"You're not a girl!" Curtis protests to Lemmon. "You're a guy! Why would a guy want to marry a guy?" Lemmon: "Security!"


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