February 14, 2004

50 First Dates

50 First Dates Sweet romantic comedy that was better then expected. That being said it starred Drew Barrymore nipples. And while every other character was some other weird sexual stereotype Drew her self was not. She was an insanely cute and naive girl who started every day as if it was some day in october.

I thought they'd butcher her part and make her really dumb. Or even worse make her situation really dumb. I mean how could a woman (20 something?) who starts each day as if it was sunday survive in the real world? This is where I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently she was able to make due because she lived in a tight nit community in Hawaii.

There was also this romantic element.
(If you must know) Adam Sandler would have to make Drew Barrymore fall in love with him each day because she didn't meet him until after her accident (which killed her short term memory - each night she forgets the previous day). My favorite line is when she gives Adam Sandler a tip to get her to fall for him the next day. "Lilies, I'm a sucker for lilies." Anyway the romantic element does its job being romantic.

Over all its cute and so is Drew Barrymore.


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