May 28, 2004

Coffee and Cigarettes and Park Slope

Coffe and Cigarettes is a movie thats out now at BAM (probably other odd theaters too). I'd take a look at the trailer if anything. It looks odd yet fun and the cast is so amazing that I'm wondering what the hell is going on. You've got everyone from Roberto Benigni to Bill Murray to The White Stripes each in their own skit in this film.

(Btw I'm hosting that trailer off my own server not apples so if you want a link to show your friends either send them here or send a link to roborooter. I don't mind spending my bandwidth if they bother to read my site, but I want them to bother.)

In other news I'm living in brooklyn. This entire week (I'm checking my calendar - I'm using iCal exclusively now, its keeping me sane.) and some of last week I've been moving. Part driving my stuff up from Glassboro, park moving it in to my new apartment (at Franks) and the last and hardest part putting my stuff into franks and making the place livable.

I took a break on monday and hung out with Yana. She's the Jill I never got to know. (few people will understand this) I walked around park slope and we got to talk about many things. It was quite fun. And I've captioned each picture so it tells a little story. As stories go its a short one but its got plenty of pictures.

I also wanted to show you a little of what I was doing at franks. I've got the kitchen almost setup the way I like it, sorta have food in it (I need to go shopping but the food around here isn't as good as the big ShopRight in Glassboro.) and its clean. I've been cleaning a lot.

I figured I'd start from the back and work my way front. So my room and the kitchen first and then the main room. I've got some photos of the process. More when I find my cable for my camera.

You might notice all the milk crates. I love those things, they stack, they're easy to put together and they don't break or crush like boxes. I could make a couch out of them if I wanted to, but I'll stick to night stands and shelves for now. Cleaning them is a bitch though.

I'm still going to be on my mega pace working on things for the next few days. Sunday will be my day of rest, and NOW is the time to sleep.

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