March 28, 2004

50 Classic Horror Films

Frank bought me this the other day.

I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing, I love horror films yet there's 50. I can see my self wasting a lot of free time on this.

The back of the box lists all 50, I'm going to have to check them off as I watch them and X them out as they suck too much to finish. Now I'm sure I'm going to love Metropolis and I'm sure I'm going like seeing the original Night of the Living Dead (By the way I recently saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead and I have to say I enjoyed it throughly.) but I can't believe that all 50 of these movies are going to be watchable.

I can't even find some of them on IMDB. "the Terror Doomed to Die" is one of them. I did find a page for "The Giant Gila Monster" but I'm not sure thats going to make the film any better then any of the others.

This should be fun, cheep 1930's horror fun but fun all the same. I can only hope that the lack of special effects makes for a better story. ;-) © 2022.
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